Nordlys Moebler is not only about „typical Scandinavian” design. The project is an authentic Swedish-norwegian coproduction. Volker Hempelmann and Dag Jansson Perslow have been close friends for over 20 years and have had a constant interchange of opinion about design-classics and cabinetry.

Volker has been living in Norway for many years on a small island a few hours north of Trondheim. Within a distance of 150 kilometers he is the only carpenter and many of his clients approach him with special requests regarding boatbuilding. However his true passion is creative cabinetry. Dag is Swedish. In his workshop in the Hamburg Speicherstadt he works with maritime woods turning them into tables and benches – somewhere between retro and upcycling.


For both of them this joint project is a true matter of heart – it all began on one of Dags visits to Norway where he helped Volker log old trees in a forest. That is when the idea was born to design these wonderful, distinct sideboards, drawer cabinets and bureaus. Manufactured as a limited lineup the furniture will now be presented for the first time in Zurich at the Blickfang to an audience with a love for unique designs. Solid oak on delicate legs: functional and elegant. The wood originates from regional forests directly from the forest ranger. Honest manual work starting with drying the wood and ending with the perfect finishing touch of the surfaces.